Traditional Syrian Ceremony

The customs of Syrian weddings are ones of love and family. Throughout the years of conflict, syrians have kept up their joyful customs and even had to endure hardships while traveling to see their loved ones ‘ wedding ceremonies.

Her mother-in-law creates a analyze out of flour to assess the caliber of her cooking abilities and how well she will be able to provide for the home as the wedding prepares for her large time. This custom exemplifies the significance of a woman’s love for her husband and the success of their union.

In Syria, the bride is responsible for organizing and scheduling the wedding celebrations. He even covers the couple’s expenses syrian brides, including the princess’s complete wardrobe and glitter conference. The bride’s marriage, which can range from one to two million Syrian weight( equivalent to 150 to 300 Us dollars ), is frequently paid for by the groom.

People of the arada strap begin playing their conventional song when the ceremony is set to begin. Up to 65 people can make up this group, which is typically luxuriously dressed in white. The wife and her stepson or a friend then enter the wedding auditorium, followed by the bridegroom.

Assyrian music is played while the guests and their families sip on appetizers. Therefore begins the yalajka boogie. The yalajka are a long line of people who dance to the music’s beat with their palms. Therefore, amid applause, the bride and groom enter the house.

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